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Trotting with Tots


This morning I attended the first meeting of Tot Trotters, organized by the Irondequoit Parks & Recreation department. They are trying to offer more programs that appeal to younger families and Tot Trotters is brand new this fall. I figured I would give it a try–I knew it wouldn’t be a hard-core workout, but it would be a way to get out of the house, enjoy the fall weather, and meet some other moms with tots. I was going to try that whole “be social” thing.

We met at the Irondequoit Senior Center at 9:00 AM, about 2.5 miles from my house. I would have run there to meet the group but Mady’s bus picks her up at 8:45 and that wouldn’t give me enough time to cover the distance with a double jogger. There were 3 moms and 2 dads, which I thought was very cool. Stay-at-home dads amaze me because they are so cheerful! SAHDs are always enthusiastically shouting things like “Riley loves Cheerios!” and “Cole went poops on the potty!” (but in a totally non-emasculating way). Stay-at-home moms don’t share this exuberance. Not to say they aren’t equally as proud of junior’s milestones, but the SAHM’s demeanor is more boastful mixed with exhaustion and perturbation (SAT word!). Examples:
SAHM: Little Beyonce is crawling!!! …Sigh… Now I can’t get anything done.
You know what I mean?

But I digress.

Three of us were “runners” (Bridget, Brian, and me) and the other two were more joggers/walkers. Because it was the first meeting, Bridget (the organizer) wasn’t too sure what everyone’s expectations and fitness levels were and we just did a short loop around the neighborhood. During the run, there was a lot of chit-chat and once again I marveled out how friendly everyone is up here. Not to say there aren’t friendly people in Philly and Long Island (ahem), but it’s a different kind of friendly. Making small talk (the thing I fail at most in the this world) is easier less painful. It turns out that the other two moms have their 4-year-olds in the Monday/Wednesday/Friday PreK program at Mady and Sean’s school–and I learned a whole bunch of other factoids about my fellow Trotters!

Afterwards we regrouped in the parking lot and made plans for next week. It was a lot of fun and I will definitely go back. And although we didn’t run for very long it was the perfect shake-out after my 20-miler yesterday; my legs feel don’t feel sore at all anymore.  Win-win.

I guess talking to people isn’t such a bad thing after all. Maybe.

Today’s Workout:
Tot Trotters 26:51
Upper Body Weights 30:00
Abs 10:00

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  1. 11/02/2011 5:53 PM

    Sounds like a lot of fun.

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