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But can Amy Grant pull off the running skirt?


I wore my running skirt for the second time today. You may think “Wow! She must really like it!” but you would be mistaken. This is the second time in 3 months and I only put it on because:
1) I’m very behind on laundry and every pair of running shorts is dirty.
2) I was pushing the double jogger and no one could see the skirt behind that monstrosity anyway.
3) I wanted to give it another chance because I am all about being fair (to be fair, that’ s not true).

Some lady runners LOVE the skirt. They say it makes them feel fit and flirty. It makes me feel stupid and silly. Where my lacrosse kilt in high school made me feel sporty and cool, running in a skirt as an adult makes me feel like I’m in the AV Club cueing up ElShaddai for the morning announcements (my Catholic school administration venerated Amy Grant only second to Jesus). 

The running skirt makes me look like a dork and a poser and I just can’t pull it off. There are a couple of women who wear skirts to my Thursday night trail runs, and they pull it off. They even manage to look kinda sorta badass. The skirt just  makes me look like I am running in mom jeans.

Maybe I need to try a different brand of skirt. Or maybe my clothing style is just too “same-sex oriented librarian” for girly-girl running gear (I own an extraordinary number of sweater vests and many pairs of  very sensible shoes). Or maybe I just over-thinking this.

Today’s Workout:
Run with double jogger 50:22/4.8 miles

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