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The Update Edition


Update Marathon Training: D r a g g i n g along. 18-miler on Long Island scheduled for this weekend.

Update The Great Coke Experiment of 2011: Seems to be good pre-run fuel but I have to pee almost immediately after drinking.

Update Good Eatin’: The day I post about trying to get my healthy groove back, my husband brings home Triple Chocolate Cake from Wegmans. Do-over scheduled for Monday.

Update Gutties (that’s what I am calling sneakers now since my friend Caren told me that is what they called in Canada): I haven’t gotten new gutties yet.

Update Tonks: The dog is fundamentally opposed to me doing ab work which is why she alternates between attacking my face, yoga mat, and sneakers during planks.

Update Stationary Bike: I own a stationary bike?

Update Chi: Still on Chapter 2. Until I can run like a needle through cotton I see no need to put down my Janet Evanovich.

Update Running Skirt: I wore it that one time.

Update Gear: Brooks Epiphany 2-in-1 shorts have replaced the Nike Tempo shorts as my super favorite. After the Long Island Half Marathon Chub Rub it was just a matter of time.

Update Things I Said I Would Do: Weekly track workouts, yoga sessions, and dates with my foam roller haven’t, er, gone as planned. As in, I haven’t planned to do any.

Update Swim: Went back to the pool today but this time I had a swim cap so I looked crazy legit.

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  1. 09/01/2011 8:14 PM

    Update: I had Chick-Fil-A for dinner tonight.

    • Suzanne permalink*
      09/02/2011 7:24 AM

      Chick-fil-A is crazy delicious.

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