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Chew On This


I wouldn’t classify my diet as bad–I rarely eat fried or fast foods–but this summer I’d be hard pressed to describe my eating habits with phrases like “good for you” or “healthy” or “having a modicum of nutritional value.” I’ve almost completely abandoned vegetables in favor of candy. It’s like when you’re a kid and you ditch your very good best friend for the kid with a pool. Celery is my nerdy best friend who shares my affinity for Lisa Frank folders and The Baby-Sitters Club. Peanut M&Ms is the bad girl who wears too much eyeliner and encourages you to put Sun-In in your hair even thought it will most definitely NOT give you golden highlights and will instead make your hair resemble rusty Brillo. But Peanut M&Ms has a pool and it is as hot as Donnie Wahlberg on my Hangin’ Tough poster out there! Celery and I can be friends again come September.

Except September is just days away and the gluttony that was June, July, and August must come to an end. And with my first marathon only 6 weeks out, Eatapalooza 2011 couldn’t be ending at a better time. No more diet soda, hotdogs, and M&Ms. No more macaroni salad, onion dip, and ice cream sandwiches. No more brownies, cole slaw, and dark beer. Bring back the carrots and flax-seed and light beer! Food is fuel and I have been gassing the tank with aspartame and nitrates. If I want to start performing better I really need to get back on track (running pun!), and I always find the best way to make better food choices is to keep a log or a journal. By writing down what I eat, I am more conscious of the decisions I make standing in front of the fridge. Do I want to see “sleeve of Thin Mints” or “apple with peanut butter” scrawled in my notebook?

So starting today through the marathon, I am going to hold myself accountable for what I chew on and get back to the clean eating I was once so proud of. This does not mean I won’t enjoy the occasional treat–life is not about deprivation. But a treat every few hours is just not acceptable. Why put in hours and hours of running and working out if I am only going to fill my body with garbage? It makes no good sense. And even though I still have a few days until September 1st, there really is no time like the present to adopt healthy lifestyle choices. Why put off something that is good for me? It’s Back to School time for the body!

Today’s Workout:
Run 4 miles/36:24
Upper Body Weights 30:00

Sunday’s Workout:
Trail Run 55:00/approx 5.25 miles

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  1. 08/29/2011 12:03 PM

    Wow, we truly are twins. Just last night (after having eaten an entire container of guacamole by myself) I read the chapter on “The Distance Runner’s Diet” in Hal Hingdon’s Marathon book. I decided that today is the day to start anew and stop stuffing my face with so much crap. Crap is good and crap tastes yummy, but crap is not good for fueling me through the miles and miles I’m trying to run (successfully). I’ll let you know when I tear into the Kit Kats, because I have to stay honest!

    • Suzanne permalink*
      08/29/2011 12:35 PM

      I know! It’s not even about losing weight, it’s about being nice to my organs. I think my long runs would be more a lot more comfortable if I didn’t have pizza and beer the night before. Um, ya think?

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