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Have I mentioned how much I heart trail running?


Last night I ran with the Medved trail group. It was only the second time I’ve been able to meet up with them because we were away last week, and I was really excited to head back out in the woods. My parents arrived from Long Island and after giving them a quick tour of the new house, I scooted out the door to Irondequoit Bay Park West where the group was meeting at 6:00 PM.

Even though the temps were cool throughout the day, the evening was pretty muggy. There were just over 20 runners assembled and, like last time, Dennis led group. The trail was pretty technical–single track, mostly flanked by steep drop-offs, and plenty of deep gullies, rope-like tree roots, and concealed rocks. But Mother Nature isn’t the only reason you had to watch your footing–the Genesee Regional Off-Road Cyclists have worked to build-up the Shared-Use trail. Repurposing nature’s refuse, GROC has added rickety boardwalk crossings and logs piles making the terrain even more exciting to traverse.

We criss-crossed the blue and green trails, the green being the most difficult, and I was definitely working hard. While the pauses to regroup annoyed me two weeks ago at Cobbs Hill, I was grateful for them last night. Although out of breath and battling a side-stitch as I went up and down and sideways, I had this revelation like “This is something I am really good at!” Or maybe I am not really good at trail running but I love it so much that it feels that way. With road running, there are times I really struggle and times I am in pain. But out on the trails I feel amazing–I feel the “runner’s high” that is so rarely achieved pounding the pavement… Of course, I haven’t face planted yet so my mind may change after my first trail tumble!

I have no idea how many miles we ran last night–3.5? 4?–and for once I really don’t care! Out on the trails it’s not about pace and splits and PR’s. It’s just running and it’s perfect. And I get to do it again on Sunday!

Thursday’s Workout:
Trail Run 37:07

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