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The time has come…


…for new trainers. Yes, thrilling, I know. Talk of someone else’s new sneakers always titillates that part of my brain that says “This isn’t boring at all!” And it must be the same for you, single loyal blog reader.

When I moved up yonder, I immediately took advantage of the agreeable temps and beautiful scenery and started running more. My legs began to feel achy, sort of shin splinty, and I just chalked it up to the extra miles. It didn’t really subside so then my highly scientific brain thought that maybe Rochester used some different kind of concrete on their sidewalks and I just needed to get used to it (ok, blaming the DPW exemplifies grasping at straws). But I have faced the cold, hard truth: the time has come to exchange wampum for some new kicks.

Having been gainfully unemployed for a little over a month now there is no extra money for “extras.” So heading to a running specialty shop and getting fitted for $125 sneaks is out of the question. Problem? No problem. I will apply my Masters in Library & Information Science degree and use google.

Basically, the new fall updates have come out making last season’s sneakers old news (read: marked down considerably. I bet you didn’t know even running shoes had “seasons.” They do.). Using Runner’s World’s Shoe Finder I narrowed it down to 5 choices. I then read actual wearer reviews on Running Warehouse,  Road Runner Sports, and Amazon and selected the Asics Gel 3020. I’ve had luck with Asics in the past so I think it will be a good choice. Now I just need to go try them on to make sure my infallible scientific research was infallible, snag the best sale price, and I’ll be back running in comfort in no time.

And there you have The Poor Mom on a Budget’s Method to Running Shoe Shopping. Look for my seminar at the Learning Annex, sandwiched between Sylvia Brown and Kimora Lee Simmons.

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