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My Morning


5:25 Get up and take the dog out
5:30 Get dressed to run/workout
5:55 Feed dog
5:59 Wake up husband to tell him to take out the dog when she is done eating otherwise she will poop on the floor
6:04 Clean dog poop off the dining room floor
6:07 Go running
6:38 Return home and take dog out
6:44 Give youngest two offspring milk
6:45 Get weights out
6:46 Give dog a treat and put her in her crate
6:48 Begin 20-minute upper body workout
7:14 Finish 20-minute upper body workout
7:15 Wake up oldest offspring to take dog out
7:19 Begin 20-minute lower body workout
7:46 Finish 20-minute lower body workout
7:50 Take dog out
7:59 Give the kids breakfast
8:06 Make my protein shake
8:10 Give all offspring crayons and construction paper
8:16 Sit down to drink protein shake
8:19 Check facebook and email
8:26 Start typing this blog

Yes, it took me almost 2 hours to complete a 70 minute workout with the endless dog and offspring interruptions. Please oh please oh please oh please let this be a temporary mess because I really loved getting up at 5:30 AM to workout instead of 4:00 AM. Those 90 minutes made me a much better person. I’ll just keep looking at this picture because how could I be frustrated with all this cuddly cuteness:

Today’s Workout:
Run 3.3 miles/30:47
Upper Body Weights 20:00
Lower Body Weights 20:00

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