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Titled: The Post that Took Me Forever to Write Because My Kids Won’t Stop Whining Today


I’m kinda sorta mostly disappointed with my long run today. I didn’t even want to post about it. But Sue would be super sad if I didn’t and so I am. Because that’s the kind of friend I am.

I had another 16 on tap for today and decided to do the 16.1 mile loop from last week in reverse. There were a lot of hills the last couple of miles and it was a brutal finish. I wanted to get the climbs out of the way early, and just hoped it wouldn’t tire my legs out for the final 11+ miles. I also decided that instead of my standard pre-long run Power Bar, I would eat a PB sandwich… DELUXE! Two slices of bread are only 120 calories so I added a third slice of bread and obviously a second layer of peanut butter goes with it. I had my handheld filled up and my Nathan Shadow Pak stocked with 2 Honey Stingers Waffles. Despite the threat of thunderstorms, I was ready to go… as soon as my dog pooped… [insert big exaggerated sigh here]

Well, I wasn’t really ready to go. I truly wanted to go back to bed. After 2 rest days, I still felt tired from my vacation and very unmotivated. I had to force myself out the door, self-diagnosed with a big case of the training blahs. Blah.

I started strong and my legs felt good. No weirdo ankle pain. No hip pain. Good stuff. Doing the course backwards made me slightly disoriented and I missed a turn at about 5 miles in and went too far up Sea Breeze. I looped around and doubled-backed down Carver, where I picked up the Lakeside Trail. Heading east to west on the trail is nice because there’s gradual decline with a breeze in the wooded portion. However, I noticed that some of the leaves are starting to change color and fall off the trees so let’s pause here to lament the end of summer in Western New York with a giant sad face emoticon:

At 1:20 I felt a little  hungry and had a full Honey Stinger. It was still as tasty as I remembered but it was also all warm and soft. I don’t know it was the humidity or because the Pak sits at the small of my back. Even though the Stinger was wrapped in Saran Wrap and in a plastic baggie, I hope it was the former because it’s kinda gross to think that my carbs were marinating in back sweat. Yes, ew.

I was starting to feel tired as I trudged up the big hill on Thomas just off Pattonwood, but I didn’t feel crappy. And that’s a good thing. In fact, the whole run I felt pretty ok. There were some moments that were definitely better than others, but I didn’t have that one big “I HATE THIS SHIT!” moment that I have during every long run. I felt that my pace was (mostly) consistent throughout (couple of slow moments like the aforementioned hill and the stretch from Thomas to St. Paul). Aside from the rain that started at 1:50, the sound of the rain making me have to pee at 1:52, and running out of water at 2:10, I actually thought I finished pretty strong. Which is why I am so disappointed in my run–my pace turned out to be slower than I thought and slower than last week.

I know I could blame it on a bunch of things–I still have vacation hangover. My PB DELUXE was not the carb-protein masterpiece I thought it was going to be. The hills on the front end tired me out. It was raining. But those are just excuses and you know what they say about those (if not, google it). In actuality, my pace was *only* off 0:11/per mile from last week and I should just. get. over. it. But that’s not how I do. I’m too hard on myself. I obsess. And I stew. I already adjusted my marathon goal from “sub 4-hours” to “just finish the damn thing,” but I still want a respectable time. Blerg.

One Mother Runner who should NOT be disappointed with her LONG run today is Katie Oglesby. She finished the infamous Leadville Trail 100 earning her a legendary belt buckle. The “Race Across the Sky” (which is a pleasant way of saying “Beware of Altitude Sickness”) features an out-and-back course in the Colorado Rockies. Low point is 9,200 feet, high point is 12,600 feet, and the majority is on forest trails with some mountain roads. Oh, and there is a 30-hour cutoff. Attempting this race takes serious guts. Officially finishing it is beyond badass. Congratulations to Katie and all the Leadville runners!

Today’s Workout:
Run 2:50:00/16.7 miles

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  1. 08/21/2011 9:50 PM

    Why didn’t you drink the rain when you ran out of water? Wasn’t that your award-winning strategy for your 14-miler?

    • Suzanne permalink*
      08/22/2011 8:54 AM

      The absorb-the-rain theory almost made me kneel down in the street and slurp puddle water. But isn’t science all about trial and error?

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