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Vacation Shmacation


I need a vacation from my vacation. I am exhausted! You would think I would be well-rested from the lakeside eating and drinking bonanza but you’d be wrong. All that swimming and kayaking and making sure toddlers don’t fall into the lake really takes it out of a gal. And even though I feel like a glutton to the nth degree, I did manage to get in some runs while I was away.

On Monday I drove about a short distance from the lake house to the Keuka Outlet Trail. While very pretty, it was also very opening scene to a slasher film. Not wanting to be the first kill of the day, I ran with my cell phone and pepper spray. The online brochure made it look well populated, chock full of merry picnickers and peaceful Amish people. In real life there was a discarded stroller and a suspiciously parked mountain bike. I didn’t see another human until 20 minutes into my run. Maybe it was the weather that made it feel so eery, but I couldn’t enjoy the scenery because I was so uncomfortable. It probably was safe, but not being familiar with the area and the total isolation of the trail made me uneasy. Needless to say, it was the only day I ran that route but I did take some pictures:

So, yeah, pretty but also pretty scary.

On Tuesday I decided to do a loop around the area where we were immediately staying. It was mostly boring and largely featured the highway-esque beauty of 54A. When I turned back onto West Lake Road, I was passed by three teenage boys. Instead of letting them go, I played chase and stayed right behind them. This was mostly done for safety–the road had no sidewalks and a very small shoulder. By running with a group, I would be more visible to cars than I would as a lone runner. But there was also that competitive side of me that didn’t want them to think they blew past some old lady–especially the punk wearing Vibrams, my footwear nemesis. As we headed up the road, a woman with a stopwatch shouted to me “Congratulations! You’re now on the Penn Yan cross-country team!” I realized that there was a reason running behind these fellas reminded me so much of the beginning of the high school cross-country season–it was! I laughed and asked “Am I?” The coach answered “Nice run! You are a great example to these kids!” I shouted back “Thanks! I feel young again!” and carried on with my new “teammates.” When I reached the end of the road and doubled back to the house, I saw the rest of the team behind me. Sweet–I was running with the lead pack! As I passed the girls they started cheering “Great run! Way to go!” and it made me smile from ear to ear and gave me an extra boost. My accidental cross-country practice totally made my morning!

On Thursday I decided to do the same loop again but with an add-on. I ran down and around the Keuka College campus. It is located right on the lake and there is dock access and swimming for the students. It was adorably postcardy and I spent a goodly portion of the day nagging encouraging Mady to go school there–until Brian said “She’s only 7. Give it a rest.” So in 10 years, we’ll come back and take a tour and Mady will be all smitten with the rolling hills and sparkling lake and we won’t even mention the wintertime in the Finger Lakes.

I took Wednesday, Friday, and most likely today off. I am truly exhausted–all my muscles ache. I don’t remember a week I took 3 days off but with another 16 miler scheduled for tomorrow, I need to give myself the extra rest (and not feel guilty about it). Shockingly I only gained 2 pounds during my week-long eatfest. Good thing those campfire beverages were light beer! The fatigue and belly aches were totally worth it though–my in-laws are great. And 25 Macaulays crammed into 2 cabins for a week was definitely a memory worth making.

Monday’s Workout:
Ran 65:00

Tuesday’s Workout:
Ran 46:20
Abs 15:00

Thursday’s Workout:
Ran 65:00

Friday’s Workout:
Kayak 30:00

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