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A Run with a View


I had a little bit of  a stressful day topped off with an annoying waste of my time trip to HSBC (I should have walked out when, in consecutive questions, the woman asked “You just moved here from Philadelphia?” and “Is TD Bank in Toronto?”). I grumbled all the way out to my car and during the 5 minute drive up to Lake Ontario. What was going to be a shake-out run turned into a let-off-some-steam run.

I picked up the path at the west end of Durand Eastman Beach. The water was to my left as I ran east alongside Lake Ontario. There’s a couple of dips and small rolling hills toward the end of the beach. The path then twists left and a timber bridge crosses Tamarack Swamp into a wooded area. There the trail is very similar to the Massapequa Preserve–you’re close enough to civilization to not feel nervous running alone but surrounded by trees on all sides. The scenery was very pretty but you could still hear the traffic along Lake Shore Blvd. The path pops out at Culver Road where I turned around and headed back (the Lakeside Trail continues almost another mile to Sea Breeze ending at the 590).

I didn’t realize heading out that from the bridge to Culver was  a steady incline, so it was a total bonus on my way back in to run the tree-lined portion all downhill. I took advantage of gravity (my most favorite law!) and picked up the pace. It felt great! As I crossed back over the swamp and into the sunlight, I kept up pace and tackled the little ups and downs. Lake Ontario was now on my right and looked beautiful. The water was pretty rough and seemed endless. It reminded my of the South Shore of Long Island without the guidos. I finished up strong (negative splits!) and grabbed a bottle of water from the car. Instead of heading directly back home I took my water down to the sand and drank it as I walked along the shore. Good stuff.

This is the actual view from my run yesterday and not a stock photo I stole borrowed from google images:

And then I came home and my kids were yelling and crying and fighting and the magic of my run was immediately destroyed.

Today’s Workout:
Run 4.4 miles/39:33

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  1. Myhusbandsadickliterally permalink
    08/08/2011 8:21 PM

    Do you carry a camara with you on your runs? You should.

    • Suzanne permalink*
      08/11/2011 10:00 AM

      I don’t but I should. Too bad I hate carrying anything on me when I run. Lots of mental pictures I guess. Click.

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