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Notes & a Quote


I wore a new pair of shorts this morning that I picked up at the Fleet Feet non-tent tent sale yesterday. They are Brooks Epiphany 2-in-1 shorts and I love them. The inseam is 6″, a little longer than traditional running shorts. The have a nice streamlined cut to them and a drawstring waist. Instead of briefs, they have meshy spandex shorts underneath. They didn’t ride up at all during my run, were verycomfortable, and the modest length hides those upper thighs that were somehow destroyed by pregnancy even though the babies grew in my uterus and not in my saddlebags. Best of all? I got these winners for 50% off! They were originally $40 marked down to $20. The only con is the pockets–who needs side-slit pockets on running shorts? There’s a hidden key pocket inside and that is all the luggage I need to bring–my Hello Kitty wallet stays home on runs.

When I was about a 1/2 mile into this morning’s run, I could hear a runner coming up behind me. I did the over-the-shoulder glance to make sure it wasn’t a serial killer (or even a first-time killer) and saw a guy about 30 yards back. Although he was doing some real heavy, obscene phone call breathing, he was closing the gap between us. So I did what I had to do–I slammed on the gas and dropped him. Why? Because I didn’t want to get passed by a dude. When I used to train with a predominantly male running group, the last thing I wanted to be mistaken for was a girly girl in short shorts looking to snag a dinner at Chi Chis. I made sure that during every run I was in the front pack. I wanted to earn their respect as an athlete and I think I did. So even though I currently say I don’t care about being fast or winning, I still have that competitive thing that says “Do not let this guy pass you!” This especially goes for a guy doing some creepy Ron Jeremy breathing. Blech.


“Those long runs cleanse my system, physically and mentally.”  -Joan Benoit Samuelson

This is what I am going to keep reminding myself when I am out for 14 miles this Sunday–that I am cleansing. I did one 14 miler leading up to the Long Island Half Marathonand this weekend will only be the 2nd time I’ve run that distance (in years past my longest run for half marathon training had been 20K). I am not too concerned about being able to cover that length–I know I can–but I am doing my usual stress out over logistics–do I carry water, which shorts should I wear, what course should I run, etc. I am more nervous about next week–16 miles. I’ve never run that far before so it will be new territory. Luckily my runs lately have been really strong and I am feeling confident as I head into the thick of marathon training. I just need to be smart, listen to my body, and keep my head in it and I’ll be fine… I hope! 

Today’s Workout:
Ran 4 miles/34:33
Upper Body 30:00

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