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Decisions, decisions…


I can’t decide if I want a beer or a brownie. I hate tough decisions. Both are tasty as heck, but in very different ways. Do I want ice-cold awesomeness or chewy chocolate-y goodness? What’s a gal to do?… You know what wasn’t a hard choice today? Getting out of bed and running that 12 miler I was stressing so much about last night. All that fraught and nonsense wizard talk for nothing!

I was out the door by 7:00 AM for my first run in my new ‘hood. Yesterday I mapped (and then drove because I am just. that. crazy.) a course that would take me up along Lake Ontario and back. It was really nice–sunny with a cool breeze. Compared to running in Pennsylvania the roads were very flat, just one or two inclines that couldn’t really be called hills. I didn’t run with water, but by mile 6 I kinda sorta wished I had; luckily it wasn’t hot.

There were several runners and bikers out enjoying the morning and, a departure from my usual keep-to-myself-unfriendliness, I said “Good Morning!” to all of them. It was that kind of a run on that kind of a morning. When I hit mile 7, however, I started to drag. Instead of letting negative thoughts take over, I just tried to concentrate on loosening up my form and putting one foot in front of the other. It worked–as soon as I saw the corner of Cooper and Titus (about 1.3 miles from my house) I was so happy and was able to pick up the pace a little. Turning onto Seneca, the final 0.8, I was able to coast home very strong. And as I pulled up in front of my house, there were my three little cheerleaders waiting on the porch–what an extra sweet finish!

Today’s Workout:
Ran 12 miles/1:57:17

P.S. I chose the beer.

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