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Would you like some cheese with that whine?


Moving is hard. So very hard. I swear that I am more sore and more tired after 2 days of loading and unloading a UHaul than I’ve been after any workout. And I’m slated to run 12 miles tomorrow morning. Even though I’ve run 12 miles and beyond plenty of times, it is my sheer exhaustion that is making me doubt that not only can’t I complete tomorrow’s run but that I am a complete fool for training for a full marathon. And I pretty much never want to see anything corrugated ever again.

Adding to my Pity Party whose Guest of Honor is Self-Doubt is the fact that my training runs have been really slow lately. I can blame the summer heat and I can blame the increase in cross training, but still. The watch doesn’t lie. My pace has been slow, and it is discouraging. Really discouraging. Really, really discouraging. I’ve started to wonder if I am an Animagus (HP fans know what I’m nerding about here) and that I have been morphing into a turtle every time I lace up the Asics. Otherwise, WTF? Why are babies crawling faster than me?

But, of course, not being highly skilled in anything but Mancala, Tetris, and facebook, I know that my wizard theory is preposterous. And it is also preposterous to think that I can’t complete 26.2 come October. I just need to get unpacked, get some good sleep, and get the heck over myself. It’s also time to pull out the big guns for tomorrow’s run–my Shut Up and Run tech tee. Because that is EXACTLY what I need to do.

Friday’s Workout:
Ran 6 miles/59:00

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