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Moving On Up


We move in two days. I’m over-stressed and under-packed. And all I wanted to do last night (after another trip to Staples to buy more boxes) was run. I figured I could pound all the anxiety away, but Mother Nature had other plans. After a week of oppressive heat, severe thunderstorms moved in. I will run in pretty much any weather condition (See Sue running on the Radnor Trail in 6 degrees. See Sue’s car stuck in the snow at Ridley Creek State Park.) but I will not do thunder. There is nothing badass about getting struck by lightning.

There is also nothing badass about my workouts this week. I took Friday off as my rest day and cranked out 10 slow miles in the suffocating heat Saturday. Sunday I took a rare non-scheduled day off to hit the beach early with my kids, which turned out to be a total fail. Zachs Bay should be condemned by the Board of Health. I am sure I have both Legionnaire’s Disease and sepsis from wading ankle-deep in that oversized seagull toilet. But I digress. I could have gone out for an afternoon run but realizing my minivan could likewise be a Board of Health casualty, I gave it a (relatively) good cleaning instead.

Monday morning rolled around and I was just too tired to make it to the gym. With packing and insane toddlers afoot, I ended up squeezing in a split workout. Split workouts aren’t too bad but it involves extra showering and I am lucky I can take one shower a day without some kid sticking their head under the shower curtain and asking “Mom? You in there?” My offspring’s incessant privacy violations are the main reason I rarely double up on workouts. But today my sloth got the better of me once more and I split my workout again. Instead of one 2-hour block, I did two “shorter” workouts. Tomorrow, however, I need to kick my butt out of bed to run because it is return the cable box and pick up the moving truck and learn how to clean an oven and return the library books day, so a late(r) workout just won’t work.

However, I’m really looking forward to my long run this weekend. I’m scheduled for 12 miles which will be the longest I’ve run since 6/26. I was going to loop around our new town so I could scope it out, but then I saw the Lakeside Trail online and may have to head up there instead. I’m so excited to discover all the neat places to run near Rochester. There seems to be a very active running community and plenty of fun events–trail runs, snowshoe races, and a triathlon that is run-bike-kayak! I don’t know how much blogging I’ll get in the rest of this week, but once we get settled in and back online I’ll let you know if the running scene up yonder is as good as it sounds!

Saturday’s Workout:
10.1 miles/1:40:00

Monday’s Workout:
AM: Stationary Bike (Strength Intervals level 10) 45:00/12.2 miles, Abs 30:00
PM: Stationary Bike (Cross Train level 6) 60:00/17.0 miles

Today’s Workout:
AM: Stationary Bike (Ride in the Park level 10) 45:00/12.5 miles, Sit-ups 10:00
PM: Run to the gym 0.85 miles/7:29, Upper Body Weights (machines) 30:00, Elliptical (level 3) 15:00/1.92 miles, Upper Body Weights (dumbbells) 30:00, Run home 0.85 miles/7:14

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