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The Shameless Hard Sell


This morning I ran almost completely in the dark (that’s not figurative). The sun usually rises about 20 minutes into my run, but today the sky was so overcast it didn’t really get light out until I arrived home just before 6:00 AM. Not only were the clouds blocking out the sun, but they seemed to be pressing the hot air down. It was muggy and thick and it made running more laborious–by the time I reached the track, only 2 miles away, the sweat was pouring off me. So props to me for bringing my Nathan Sprint water bottle! I mentioned it before in my Gear Check post, but this nifty little handheld deserves some more blog love.

I used to be so anti-carrying water, which is fine if you are training for short distances like 5K and 10K. I never even carried water through half marathon training. I just didn’t want to feel “bogged down” by equipment. But my perspective began to shift when I decided to train through the summer for a fall marathon. I was further convinced I needed to reverse my anti-fuel stance when I finished the Buffalo Half Marathon very dehydrated. Just days before the 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Half Marathon, I ran around multiple sporting goods stores until I finally found the perfect water bottle at Runner’s Edge.

The Nathan Sprint *only* holds 10 oz which is less than half of typical hydration packs, but seems like a gallon to a runner who used to carry nothing. It slides onto your hand, resting on the heel, and has a hole on the top for your thumb. This design means you don’t have to actually carry the water (believe it or not, gripping a bottle during a run does expend energy). It sits on your hand leaving your fingers and a good portion of your palm “free”–you can still hit the splits on your watch, scratch an itch, attend to a wedgie, and give the thumbs up to your camera-toting husband.

Some reviewers on complained that the water bottle leaks but as long as the cap is threaded correctly when screwing it back on, it will not. The hand strap is adjustable so it can fit little child-like paws (me!) or big, ol’ mitts (you?). You can squeeze the water into your mouth or suck on it like a straw. There is also a neat little pull tab on the front where you can list your name and emergency contact information. It is pretty cheap–I bought mine on sale for $11.99 but I have seen it listed online anywhere from $10.99 to $15.00, and even at the “higher end” it is worth every penny.

I heart this water bottle so much I said to Brian “It would be awesome if I had two of them! Then when I do a long run, I can swap out bottles halfway through instead of having to lug around one big one.” Well the next time I visited my parents, my dad gave me another one and said “I thought this way, on a long run, you could just swap out bottles halfway through instead of having to carry one big one.” Obviously great great minds think alike! And if you want to be in our Great Minds Club, you will run–not walk–to your nearest sporting goods store and pick one up today.

And since I am a pimping products mood, do not forget to order your Team Macaulay shirt. They come in youth and adult sizes and all proceeds go directly to Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Please help support this amazing cause.

Today’s Workout:
2 miles/19:28
1 mile @ HM pace 7:49 (2:01, 1:58, 1:59, 1:50)
2 miles/19:07
Stationary Bike (level 3) 50:00/13.6 miles
Abs 20:00

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