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Nuun, thank you.


As I mentioned in a previous post about running gear, if I am going to be marathon training this summer I need to start carrying some fuel. Until now plain old H2O has been fine, but with a stifling heat wave moving in and those dog days of August not too far behind, I’ve been thinking about something a little more to stay properly hydrated.

I can. not. stand. GUs, gels, bloks, chomps, and chews. Even thinking about GU make me want to throw up. It is like squirting warm metallic icing into your mouth and even the act of typing these words are making my gag reflexes rebel.  I think that Gatorade might be too heavy/sugary in my stomach but I may try cutting it with water. However, the good ladies on the Run Like a Mother facebook page are constantly raving about Nuun so I’d thought I’d give that the old college try first.

Nunn  is “a portable sports drink mix that contains the necessary electrolytes to keep you properly hydrated without all the sugars like most sports drinks.  It’s used by cyclists, triathletes, runners, hikers, yoga bods, just about anyone who’s active and wants to stay properly hydrated. Drop a Nuun in a bottle of water and you’re good to go.” Yes, I copied and pasted that from the Nuun website (which is pretty nifty so I recommend you visit it). Nuun’s a big hit with the lady runners because it is sugar-free, gluten-free, only 8 calories, and can be used to ease Pino Grigio-hangovers after you play the Real Housewives of NYC Drinking Game.

I didn’t want to actually test it out during a run in case it didn’t agree with me (gastrointestinally speaking). Yesterday was so hot and muggy that I thought it could work as a post-workout recovery drink. I dropped one of the tablets into a 160z bottle of water and watched it do its Alka Selzer fizz-fizz thing. The bubbles were troubling, and it occurred to me that I better refrigerate this sporty cocktail because the last thing I wanted it to taste like was room-temperature Zima. Zat would zee dreadful! When it was nice and cold and I was done sweating like a fool, I hurried to the fridge to taste my electrolyte treat…

You know when you are pregnant and have to take that awful Glucose Tolerance Test? That’s what Nuun tastes like. So if you have fond memories of being big and round and slurping goop in Quest Diagnostics*, then run to your local sporting goods store and stock up. However, if your stomach turned over just reading the comparison, I’m going to suggest that Nunn is not the drink for you. At least not the orange flavor.

Now I am a glutton for punishment (why else have I started watching The Real Housewives of NYC?), so I am sure I will be trying the other flavors. Perhaps one of them will be positively delicious and I will be eating the very words I typed on this page. Perhaps Nuun will send me a Cease and Desist after reading the very words I typed on this page. There’s a lot of unknowns, especially concerning my poor, potentially depleted electrolytes. One thing that is certain is that I am going to have to find something agreeable to ingest during long runs–especially now that I’ve gotten that silly notion of training for a 6-hour race next April stuck in my head…

Silver lining taken my Nuun experience: My dad can probably use the tube these blechy tablets come in to hide a geocache. Wait until I show him!

Today’s Workout:
Lower Body Weights 30:00
Upper Body Weights 30:00
Butt Bible Lower 1 20:00
Butt Bible Upper 1 20:00
Incredible Abs 2 20:00

Tuesday’s Workout:
2 miles/18:59
1 mile @ HM pace 7:47 (1:59, 1:56, 1:58, 1:52)
Bleacher stairs 0:60
2 miles/19:07
Stationary Bike (level 3) 30:00/7.8 miles
Jillian Michaels 6 Week Six-Pack Level 2 33:00

Monday’s Workout:
Stationary Bike (Strength Intervals level 10) 30:00/8.6 miles
Jillian Michaels 6 Week Six-Pack Level 1 35:00
Butt Bible Upper 2 31:00
Bonus: Walk w/Brian @ Ridley Creek State Park 3.2 miles/60:26

*Quest Diagnostics reference courtesy of my running bestie, Sue!

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  1. 07/20/2011 11:21 PM

    #1: Thanks for the props!
    #2: Orange nuun makes me pregnant just thinking about it. Yuck.
    #3: The grape and tri-berry are decent. However, when the tri-berry dissolves it is a pinkish color. Normal. When the grape dissolves it is a light-yellowish color. Weirdsies.
    #4: We need to figure out the marathon fueling/hydration thing ASAP.

    • Suzanne permalink*
      07/21/2011 4:42 AM

      1: Your welcome
      2: Don’t tell Greg
      3: Science is wack
      4: Honey Stingers?

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