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3 Workouts and a Pair of Socks


What are new things I tried yesterday?

Under Armour Heatgear Socks
I’m not particularly picky about my running socks. Sure, they have to be footies (nothing touching my ankles!) and they have to be white, but other than that my socks are the piece of running gear I put the least thought into. Probably because I don’t mind cotton and I’m not willing to spend $16.99 on one pair. But I will spend $16.99 of 4 pairs of UA socks.
Pros: Thin enough to wear in the hot summer months; felt like they were hugging my feet
Con: Left little UA indents on the tops of my feet (probably all the hugging)

Butt Bible Upper Body Level 2
Holy heck, this one hurt. Big step up from level 1! Pauline Nordin does not mess around–my shoulders were screaming. As if I needed another reason to rave about this DVD!
Pro: Stick with this and you have sculpted arms, shoulders, and back in no time
Con: I could only do this with 3 lb dumbbells which is actually a Suzanne-con and not a workout-con

Tank Top Arms
Cindy Whitmarsh is a little to captain of the cheerleading team for me, but she gets the job done. A very short warm-up and no cool down maximizes this 20-minute workout–you’ll waste no time feeling the burn.
Pros: Hammers the triceps; most moves also engage the core so you can fire up those abs while working your arms
Con: (see overly peppy trainer above)

Foam Roller
I have a foam roller and sometimes I remember to use it. I like it for the small of my back whenever I feel like an old lady, but I was excited to see a 10-minute routine OnDemand that could walk me through some more foam roller exercises.
Pro: Released muscle tension in the hip flexors and IT band (although I almost screamed like a crazy person hitting the IT, not sure if it hurt so good or just plain hurt)
Con: Skipped the hamstrings and calves; you need a long foam roller to comfortable do the back exercises; no advanced moves introduced

Yesterday’s Workout:
Butt Bible Upper 2 31:00
Tank Top Arms 20:00
Jillian Michael’s 6 Week Six-Pack 35:00
Foam Roller 10:00

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