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Dance Routines Need Not Apply


Ok, so kettle bells do offer a kick butt workout. I am so sore today–even my armpits ached during my run this morning. I guess I should have expected that from any routine that includes a move called “Turkish Get Ups.” I am definitely going to have use these nifty little weights more!

Keeping with my “try new workouts” thing I’m trying, I was perusing the ExerciseTV selections looking for something new. For obviously reasons, a workout called CRUNCH Ass & Abs caught my attention–both are areas in need of, ahem, improvement. So perfect choice, right?

WRONG. Immediately I knew this was a mistake. The instructor had pink streaks in her hair and was wearing a painter’s cap while the background goons were all wearing cast-offs from the Breakin’ 2: Electric Bugaloo wardrobe department. When they all started doing some crazy hip hop (is that what the kids call it these days?) moves as a warmup, Brian who just happened to be walking past let out quite a hearty guffaw. I could not hit “Exit” on my remote control fast enough! It was the exact opposite of any workout I enjoy doing. See what happens when I get adventurous?

So I played it safe and went back to the Butt Bible, doing both the level 1 upper body and lower body workouts. Cautiously, veeeeery cautiously, I then selected Bikini Body Ready purported to help me “Get a healthy, radiant and toned body… Shine a summery spotlight on your abs, arms, hips, thighs and butt with Stephanie’s specialized body sculpting moves that will help you achieve your perfect pool side silhouette.” The only pool I am on the side of is my mom and dad’s, but I still want to tone all of the aforementioned parts. It’s slightly cheesy (exercise pants with a zip fly, really?) but a pretty tough 20 minute routine. Trainer Stephanie Vitarino uses super sets and add ons to maximize the burn in your arms, legs, and abs. I think I will do this one again–you know, so I can look my bikini body ready in my parents’ backyard.

Today’s Workout:
Run 5.0 miles/47:23
Butt Bible Lower 1 20:00
Butt Bible Upper 1 20:00
Bikini Body Ready 20:00

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  1. 11/15/2011 4:31 AM

    I always wear my painters cap when I exercise.

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