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Gear Check


Ok, so I ran again yesterday. But it didn’t count because I wasn’t wearing my Under Armour hat and I NEVER run without my Under Armour hat. (I love loop holes!)

Back in my much faster, pre-Sean, pre-Amelia days, I used to train in my UA hat and race in my Nike sunglasses. No exceptions. But when my running gear came out of retirement last year, it took all of five minutes before my beloved children snapped my favorite shades in two (in their defense, running sunglasses are terribly fragile, held together by thin plastic and unicorn wishes). Interestingly enough, their $200 mistake turned out to be very liberating for me. Suddenly I wasn’t so hung up on my gear. And maybe, just maybe, my shirt didn’t have to be the latest high-tech tech-tee that was tested by NASA. I could, conceivably, just throw on a cotton (gasp!) t-shirt and go run.

Yes, there is merit in the argument “If you look good, you feel good, you run good.” But there is also such a thing as your gear overpowering your runs. Did you every see someone (maybe even you and in that case no offense!) out on the roads with an iPod, a GPS watch, a heart rate monitor, a fuel belt, a fistful of GUs, and a fanny pack holding a cell phone and an emergency peanut butter and jelly sandwich? All that luggage has to take away from the beautiful simplicity of running. Hasn’t running always bragged that it was a no equipment needed pastime? What ever happened to just lacing up your shoes and going?

But before you think me a purist, I do have my favorite running things. And while I can certainly live without them, I most definitely do not want to! Here is my current Top 5:

Under Armour hat
Love this hat! I even wear it in the winter with a fleece headband around my ears to keep them warm. When didn’t I wear this hat? During the Warrior Dash–I was too afraid of losing it!


Nathan water bottle
I used to be so against hydration packs, but with marathon training starting this summer and my desire to transition to trail running, I knew I had to start carrying fuel.  This handheld is the perfect size–so perfect, in fact, I went from totally anti-water to owning two of these!

Sweaty Bands
I never wore headbands working out because they would always slip and slide. At $15-$18 a pop, SB aren’t cheap but they do not budge an inch! There are endless colors and patters to pick from but the best part is they keep those bangs and flyaways out of your eyes during sweat sessions.
Nike Watch
Honestly, my cheapie Timex Ironman did the same exact things as the Nike Triax Fury but I love me a BIG watch!

Nike shorts

I have tried almost every brand of running shorts out there and Nike is by far my favorite. They don’t creep or ride up as your run, meaning no chub rub or embarrassing race photos in these bad boys!

Whatever your gear preferences, either full-on expedition mode or bare minimum, the #1 piece of equipment NO runner should be without is some sort of identification. Road ID makes carrying ID easy. With tags that velcro to your shoe or (my preference) a bracelet that holds all your important information, there is no excuse to head out the door without it. There are enough lines to have your name, hometown, phone number, emergency contact, blood type, and favorite running quote engraved.

Don’t leave home without it!

Monday’s Workout:
Run 2 miles/18:41
Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Boost Metabolism 54:00
Run 2 miles/18:06

Today’s Workout:
Stationary Bike (Strength Intervals level 8) 45:00/12.9 miles
Butt Bible Lower 1 20:00
Butt Bible Upper 1 20:00

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