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Butt Out!


Day 2 of my self-imposed running hiatus:

During the late fall/winter/early spring I would wake up at 4:00 AM to hit the gym before Brian’s 6:00 train. But with warmer weather and Daylight Savings, I started “sleeping in” a few days a week, opting to run outdoors at 5:00 AM when the sun is just about to make an appearance. So it was no surprise when I hit my snooze 5 (5!!!) times this morning before rolling out of bed and shuffling to the gym. I was starting to get spoiled with that extra half hour of sleep!

After 70 minutes of weights, I headed home to finish up with abs and whatever else I could find Exercise TV that looked interesting. Having caught a glimpse of my hind quarters in the mirror yesterday, I realized that this area was, uh, grossly neglected and the words Butt Bible screamed out to me when perusing the On Demand selections. Boasting some big, ahem, promises in a 20-minute package, I decided to give it a try.

Led by Pauline Nordin, Butt Bible Lower 1 was a low-impact derriere-toning good time. Nordin definitely keeps you entertained with her chatter, giving us quotables such as “You want to get rid of the cottage cheese, you must do these!” Although the routine was not original, Nordin’s enthusiasm for the posterior was infectious and the fast-pace kept it from feeling stale. I am definitely going to try Lower 2 and Lower 3 later this week.

Today’s Workout:
Lower body weights 30:00
Upper body weights 40:00
One-on-One Training with Jackie Core 20:00
Butt Bible Lower 1 20:00

Have a bootyful day! (Yes, I did just say that.)

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