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Back on the Bike. Literally.


Not that I ever stopped using the bike to cross train, but for the next two weeks I will once again become besties with my stationary bike. I don’t mind the it. The bike kept up my fitness when I was sidelined 12 weeks late last summer, and it’s given me Lance Armstrong-like quads that help me power up hills when I am out for a run. Sure I’d like to be out pounding the pavement–summer is my favorite time of year to run–but playing it safe and smart will ensure that I will be back out in no time instead of a months-long hiatus.

So in between the bike and weights and re-reading the injury chapter in Run Like a Mother, I want to get back to weekly yoga sessions. During the winter I religiously attended a vinyasa flow class every Sunday morning and I always felt really good after. My hips and hamstrings were much more loose, and it’s so relaxing to have a quiet hour like that once a week. After Desiree Davila had that amazing finish at the Boston Marathon, I sat there smugly as she credited yoga as her #1 prevention against injury in post-race interviews. “Ha! I do yoga! I won’t get hurt again!” But just a few weeks later, my weekend schedule started to shift and I no longer had the time to carve out every Sunday morning. First there was a trip to Long Island to visit my parents. Next up the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run. Then the Pancake Breakfast at my daughter’s school followed by Easter the next Sunday. Then the Long Island Half Marathon, Girl Scout Leader Camp Training, Camporee with my Girl Scout troop, and the Buffalo Half Marathon. And pretty soon, I hadn’t been to yoga in over two months and I felt a difference, both mentally and physically. I was a little more stressed without my weekly savasana and my hips and hams were a lot tighter.

So I went back to yoga, doing P90X Yoga X after the stationary bike this morning. I prefer to attend actual yoga classes because there isn’t a two-year-old in the studio that will crawl under you when you are barely holding on in plank and yell “HI MOM!” in your face. But time and money are in the budget right now and a DVD would have to do.

If you’ve ever done a P90X workout, you know they aren’t easy and Yoga X was no exception. I worked up quite a sweat, especially during the rigorous vinyasa sequence that starts the workout. After 45 minutes of endless Planks, Upward Dogs, Downward Dogs, Warrior 1s, Warrior 2s, Warrior 3s, Reverse Warriors, and Triangles, trainer Tony Horton moves on to balance poses and some deep stretching moves. He rounds out the session with a tough abdominal sequence and some breathing. Phew!

My hip definitely feels better post-yoga. Although it is still very sore, going up and down the stairs isn’t nearly as uncomfortable was it was yesterday. Tomorrow and Friday I will go to the gym for weights and abs, and Thursday will be similar to today. I’m hoping if my hip continues to feel better I can use the elliptical on Saturday to substitute for my “long run” day. Fingers crossed!

Today’s Workout:
Stationary Bike (Ride in the Park level 8) 40:00/11.2 miles
P90X Yoga X 92:00

Keepin’ it in perspective: “The world can be a horrible place, with wars, disease, and hatred, and uncooperative ligaments to not register on the universal Richter scale of disaster.” -Dimity McDowell in Run Like a Mother

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