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Oh. My. Hams.


So maybe deadlifts weren’t the best idea yesterday. My bad.

But I still rocked a bike workout this morning. When I listen to my iPod on I always have a much better workout than when I watch tv. In fact, when I was on the bike last week watching Real Housewives  on New York, my brain actually turned to mashed potato soup and I may have started peddling backwards. Only slightly better is when I’ve got those View hen’s yammering in front of me. Hmph.

Today’s workout:
Strength Intervals (level 8) 45:00/13.1 miles
Abs 15:00

Now I get to go to end-of-school year brunch for my daughter and eat greasy sausage links. Yum?

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  1. 11/14/2011 12:14 PM

    You have to watch the real housewives of NJ and Bev Hills. Those are the best/only two that I really watch. They kick NY’s ass any day.

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