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Maybe Sally Field is on to something with this Boniva…


I’m still sore from the Warrior Dash on Saturday, June 11, 2011! I wish I never said to Brian “So, do you think this is even a real workout?” because I HATE saying famous last words! Of course I’d do it again in a second, even if I can’t lift my arms all the way up 5 days post-dash!
Coming off the adrenaline rush of scaling cargo nets, wading through rivers,  crawling under barbed wire, and bounding over cars, I went for an 8-mile run on Sunday.  Considering I had just beat myself up over 3.5 crazy miles, my pace was pretty good (9:02/mile). Unfortunately, since then, my old lady hip has been feeling a little tweaky (rhymes with antique-y). When will I learn?! (That’s rhetorical, please don’t answer!)

So to give my geriatric self a “rest” (in addition to the extra day off I took this week on Tuesday), I hit the gym this morning to lift some weights. I did lower body for 30:00, upper body for 40:00, and abs for 20:00. My shoulders, chest, and triceps are still super achy from jumping over those 5 ft walls on the WD course, but I couldn’t neglect them all week–after all, I want to be able to do some real, non-lady push-ups one day!

I’m scheduled for a run and abs tomorrow but with a 5K on tap for Sunday (Levittown Kiwanis 5K, a small but fun race in my hometown), I’m thinking the bike would be best. And, of course, complete rest on Saturday as planned. But there’s no real rest for the weary–the 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut 1/2 Marathon is the following Sunday! It will be my 3rd half marathon in less than 60 days (there–I JUST jinxed myself, consider me stress fractured) and my ticket into the Half Fanatics. C’mon hip, don’t fail me now!

Happy running!

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